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“2 teams compete for their CD debut in music and dance!”
Join the real role-playing game to make the handsome youths win!
“Which team is attractive? Which song is great?”
Your voice and cheers will help improve up the members and decide which team wins the CD debut!

JUNON SUPERBOY CONTEST is one of the biggest talent auditions in Japan organized by a famous entertainment magazine JUNON and it has been featuring young handsome boys for 28 years. This prominent audition has been producing so many outstanding male talents like Shohei Miura (film series “Umizaru” and TV series “Gokusen”), Yusuke Yamamoto (film “Paradise Kiss”, TV series “Kamen Rider Kabuto” and “GTO”) and Jumpei Mizobata (TV series “Case Closed” and “Shitsuren Chocolatier”).

And this year, members were chosen by the latest competition and named JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS, and split into 2 dance vocal teams.
These 2 teams, “Team Seniority (18 and over)” and “Team Youth (under 18)”, will compete against each other in 5 “VS. PROJECTS” and either team who gets more winning points will be able to make their CD debut.

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Brand-new record label “JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS LABEL” was launched for delivering you great music in Asian regions!

As an entertainment station, JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS LABEL is going to find and bring up new JUNON members and show music and dance activities to all Asian fans.

You can join and support them now!
Your voice and cheers will decide their CD debut!
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As the source of all information and content, exclusive blogs, original photos, message videos and pre-order songs will be available here.
In addition, you can enjoy communicating with the members in SNS functions and we will also present you with special voting projects.

JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS PROJECT is delivering Japanese “Kakkoii” culture to the world.

We, JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS PROJECT, would love to participate in AFA to introduce our prestigious history, achievements and the brand-new members as well as to appear on stage from 27th November in Singapore.
We are having handshake sessions and will expand our activities to Indonesia and Thailand as well.

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Members' Activities

Battle between the seniors and juniors for their CD debut.
“We represent our generation.We make our debut with this song and these fellows in the world!”

[Which team can make their CD debut!?]

  • ①VS. for member's performances:The members will perform their specialties and abilities, and collect votes on the official mobile website.
    * Now in progress!
    chara-ani special site
  • ②VS. for songs:Karaoke competitions to determine their CD debut songs
    Karaoke DAM
  • ③VS. for a magazine appearance:Voting battle for an appearance on a feature article in a Japanese famous music magazine
    PLATINUM JUNON official site
    CHEERZ for MEN
  • ④Surprising VS.:To be announced in December 2015.
  • ⑤Last VS.:To be announced in January 2016.

The result of each VS. PROJECT is all decided by your votes.
Only either team which gets more wins from 5 VS. PROJECTS will be able to make their CD debut in Spring of 2016!

Content samples

Content samples
A dazzling variety of blogs, exclusive photos and videos, and so many limited contents here!

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